How to Report About Snow

- New York Blizzard Snowstorm Blargfest

Dec. 26 blizzard, by Dan Nguyen via flickr.

Snow coverage in mainstream news outlets, particularly on television, tends to follow a predictable and extremely lame script. A man or woman stands outside, generally near a highway, and reports that it is, in fact, snowing. Then the intrepid reporter interviews people about the snow, and those people are either bemused, or frustrated that it happens to snow during the winter.

But just because TV news fails at reporting on the weather, that doesn’t mean that the weather isn’t news. Continue reading »

Yiddish Radio: the Hyperlocal News of its Time

The web has only been around since Al Gore invented it, but hyperlocal news has been around just about forever. In New York, Yiddish radio stations in Jewish immigrant neighborhoods served as a kind of hyperlocal news source 80 years ago, offering radio stories, advertisements and some news items. The Yiddish Radio Project has collected some of the recordings, though most have been lost forever. Continue reading »

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