Great Hyperlocal Journalism: A Predator in Sunnyside

This week, Sheepshead Bites did some in-depth tow truck reporting, fires and criminals plagued the streets, and the Bronx is getting a new bikini bar, courtesy of a liquor authority error. Check out the best hyperlocal journalism of the week below. Continue reading »

Great Hyperlocal Journalism: Local Artist Doesn’t Know Sh*t

Love was in the air, the weather suddenly got very warm, and the ice actually started to melt from New York’s streets last week. Also, people couldn’t stop themselves from peeing in the street, the police fought the Latin Kings, and the debate over Bronx basketball raged on. Just another week in New York. For some of the best, strangest and silliest hyperlocal journalism, read on. Continue reading »

Hyperlocal Lessons From The Huffpost Deal

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

On Monday, AOL announced that it had agreed to buy the Huffington Post for $315 million. The deal is worth watching for hyperlocal editors, if only because there’s a new boss at, the most ambitious corporate version of hyperlocal news in the country. Patch runs about 800 hyperlocal sites across the country, including some in New York (mostly in Queens and Brooklyn). Continue reading »

Google Ads Run Amok, or How Not to Monetize Your Website

Hyperlocal editors tend to place Google ads throughout their sites to try to make money when they can’t sell larger display ads. The ads bring in a few pennies a day, and if placed in the right spots are generally harmless. The more Google ads, obviously, the more pennies. But some sites have become so littered with Google ads that they overwhelm the content. Oddly enough, one of the country’s most respected newspapers appears to have chosen to apply this strategy. Continue reading »

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