Great Hyperlocal Journalism: Local Artist Doesn’t Know Sh*t

Love was in the air, the weather suddenly got very warm, and the ice actually started to melt from New York’s streets last week. Also, people couldn’t stop themselves from peeing in the street, the police fought the Latin Kings, and the debate over Bronx basketball raged on. Just another week in New York. For some of the best, strangest and silliest hyperlocal journalism, read on.

Cops Battle Latin Kings Resurgence (BushwickBK)

JFK Expansion Plan Could Hurt Local Economy, Wildlife (Sheepshead Bites)

Local Artist Doesn’t Know Shit About Art (Staten Island Dump)

Fontana’s Patrons Treat Eldridge Street Like Bathroom (Bowery Boogie)

Who’s the Bronx’s Best Point Guard? (Bronx News Network)

The Saga of 180 Ludlow (The Lo-Down)

DOT Fails to Put Pedestrian Safety Barrier on Half of New Roosevelt Island Bridge (Roosevelt Islander)

If I missed any great local journalism, I apologize. Have a story you’d like to submit for consideration as one of the best stories of the week? Email me at info at nyhyperlocal dot com.

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