Great Hyperlocal Journalism: Cops, ‘Copters and Robbers

FULL MOON / SPRING EQUINOX   2011  /   View from Top of the Rock   -   Rockefeller Center Building, Manhattan NYC   -   03/19/11

Photo of full moon on March 19 by asterix611 via flickr.

A low and glowing full moon on March 19 led to a news-packed week and lots of great hyperlocal reporting in neighborhoods throughout the city. Check out our selection below:

Upon the Burning of Our Store (Bed-Stuy Blog)

City Agents Charged with Homicide in Girl’s Death (BushwickBK)

Scientology in Harlem (Uptown Flavor)

Are Tourist Helicopter Operators Breaking Their Deal? (Brooklyn Heights Blog)

Police, Feds Crack Down on Discount Bus Operators (The Lo-Down)

Giant Hole Inside PS 277 Playground (

If I missed any great local journalism, I apologize. Have a story you’d like to submit for consideration as one of the best stories of the week? Email me at info at nyhyperlocal dot com.

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