Great Hyperlocal Journalism: Weiner Hits Home, or How to Localize a National Story

The press has been on a feeding frenzy over the scandal involving now former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his decision to sext pictures of himself to random women. It’s a story with national implications, but it also impacts tens of thousands of Weiner’s constituents who are now left without a congressman. That story isn’t as sexy, and it’s not going to get anywhere near the same press that Weiner’s pictures of his (ahem!) got.

Luckily, Sheepshead Bites has done some tremendous work writing about the implications for local residents. The site, one of the best in the hyperlocal biz, looks at some of the damage from the fallout, and gives residents the lowdown on the political implications. For instance, Rudy Giuliani is already pushing one candidate from Queens to get in the race, but his appointment poses some problems for Sheepshead Bay:

“District 9, which Weiner covered, would have representation from a 25-year-old Queens resident, whose sole connections to Brooklyn were teaching religion at Xaverian High School in Bay Ridge after graduating with a degree in political science from St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights,” writes Erica Sherman in “Who Will Fight For Sheepshead Bay Now That Weiner’s Gone?

It’s worth checking out the site’s comprehensive Weiner coverage here, and taking notes as to how a local site can help residents understand a national scandal.

Thumbnail via Sheepshead Bites.

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  • Thanks! But we’re not done yet. Stay tuned over the next couple of days – we’ll be tackling this from a number of angles. Residents here are left in a political vacuum. Weiner’s resignation might be a joke elsewhere in the nation, but in his district, it’s a crisis.

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