Extremely Popular BushwickBK Blog Suddenly Stops Publishing

One of the best hyperlocal blogs in the city has stopped publishing, at least for the time being, for reasons that are not entirely clear. Last week, BushwickBK, which has more than 2,000 facebook followers and an extremely active and Continue reading »

Great Hyperlocal Journalism: Weiner Hits Home, or How to Localize a National Story

The press has been on a feeding frenzy over the scandal involving now former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his decision to sext pictures of himself to random women. It’s a story with national implications, but it also impacts tens of thousands of Weiner’s constituents who are now left without a congressman. That story isn’t as sexy, and it’s not going to get anywhere near the same press that Weiner’s pictures of his (ahem!) got. Continue reading »

Great Hyperlocal Journalism: A Walk Through Olde Park Slope

Thumbnail of one of Hamill's boyhood homes via Here's Park Slope

Here’s Park Slope editor Dan Myers took readers on a jaunt through the old neighborhood recently, following in the footsteps of legendary New York writer Pete Hamill.

Hamill recently published an autobiography, “A Drinking Life.” Myers brings Hamill’s world alive, even though the streets have changed considerably from when the writer grew up in the neighborhood in the 1940’s and 1950’s. He uses excerpts from the book, and finds old pictures, comparing them to the present-day neighborhood. Continue reading »

Great Hyperlocal Journalism: BK Southie and the IS 278 Fire

I’m going to try a new format for the best hyperlocal journalism of the week posts, in order to focus more closely on one story each week and explain what makes it great. For the week of April 4, I’m choosing “311 is a Joke: City Hotline Useless After Marine Park Fire” by BK Southie, a hyperlocal site that covers Continue reading »

Great Hyperlocal Journalism: Tales of Crime and Real Estate


Photo by Avi

From the constant changes in Lower East Side real estate to increasing crime in parts of Brooklyn, last week was another busy one for New York’s hyperlocal bloggers. Check out some great reporting below: Continue reading »

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